Marble is one of the oldest and precious material for interior finishing. This rock formation has a wide range of decorative features, that won one of the leading positions in this field a long time ago. The marble can be completely of different colours, textures, have strings or strips with splotches.

Direct advantages of this material may include:

  1. The greatest advantage is naturalness and environmental compatibility. It passes air perfectly, being a porous material, that makes a comfortable microclimate in the room.
  2. High decorative features. Natural beauty is characterized by special magic and luxury, and nature generously decorated the marble with a wealth of colours and quirky patterns.
  3. Convenience of processing. This material is easily polished and abraded, and high density of the rock allows to form different shapes.
  4. Excellent water resistance. In consequence of this property, by means of marble it is possible to decorate bathrooms, fountains or pools.
  5. Quite high resistance to different temperatures allows it to be used in facing the facades of buildings.
  6. High wear resistance. On average, the first signs of the stone lay out changing appears in 100 years, but it can serve for centuries with proper care.