Granite is igneous rock containing 60-65% of feldspar, 20-30% of quartz and 5-10% biotite, mirror stone, sometimes of protobase. The most common structure of granite is equigranural texture.

Advantages of this material:

  1. Large palette of colours due to the prevailing feldspar – pink, yellow, red, green, gray, etc.
  2. High decorative and strength qualities and the wide application in various types of construction, in monumental architecture.
  3. Long service life. Granite products: granite table tops of stone, granite window sills will serve you well for dozens of years, the granite faced buildings do not change their appearance for centuries.
  4. Granite can be used both for exterior buildings cladding and for internal works.
  5. Natural granite has a very low water absorption, and therefore perfectly serves as a kitchen table top.
  6. Granite as a building material, emphasizes the individual style of the owners